Bathroom Decor

32 Modern Shower Models Integrated with Energy from Water

One of the places where all the stress of the day is thrown away. There are quite justified reasons for people who spend hours in the bathroom. It is a fact that water purifies the human mind and relaxes the body. In addition, the structure of the bathroom is very important for this issue. If you take a shower in a place that offers more than a bathroom, you can experience a shower session lasting hours.

With modern shower decorations, users who have the same therapeutic experience will not hesitate to take guests to their bathrooms, but they may want to show everyone the perfect space. The sleek structure of the models and the peaceful ambience of the people, 32 modern shower models offer a pleasant purification with their impressive images. It is possible to list shower models with their magnificent fine details as follows.

Fitted Eyes

In the area where the shower head is placed between the tiles , the stone-paved look is an elegant detail. The shower head is non-expandable and mounted on the wall. There are three built-in chambers on the wall, which is accompanied by stone tiles followed by corner tiles. These eyes can be used for decorative purposes or to put shower materials.

Ceiling Sprinkler

It is possible to enjoy a wonderful shower with the fountain on the ceiling. In the carefully designed structure of the shower, a shelf rests against the wall. It has a classic shower head and has different curtain structure. The glass used in its glass structure is transparent and the walls are paved with stones close to black.

Old Periods

In the model, where the old period basins are located, it draws attention to two basins just under the shower head. In the lower section, this detail is used in the tap opening area, and a wall view with pebbles is placed on the side wall. In another wall, a wooden structure was used.

Luminous Lovers

White color makes the places more bright. For this reason, the white tub inside the white tiles is located under the glass pane. The reason for the light is the white design combined with the window. The sprinkler is located on the top of the bathtub and has a black color.

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